Beautiful portrait of our Holy Mother.

Beautiful portrait of our Holy Mother and baby Jesus with the Angels soothing the baby with celestial music.

Most cultures around the world recognize central figures in their social order to give order to their world and credence to their customs and validate their existence. One such central figure is mom. Yes. That woman, who for most of us has either given birth to us, or has adopted us into their fold, that is woman who has been provided nurturing behaviors so that we can continue on our merry way so that we become independent beings with what little she may have made available to her; she is the one we celebrate.

But there is one issue, however, I’d like to point to. Mother’s around this planet have been, for best or worse, that guiding arm in their child’s rearing–daily. That’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Reading this blog may offer a hint of  nudging you to go and appreciate her just by the sheer numbers of how long she has been your mother. But I offer you this: not just celebrate her this Sunday. I say every day is a Mother’s Day and every day she should be celebrated. Typically folks can relate the notion, despite that not all circumstances are ideal around the world, that we do have mothers amidst us that should not have been mothers to begin. But still, we offer them our prayers. Given this picture of mothers, we should still offer our moms out there some form of gratitude. Even if it’s a prayer or a thought. How about visiting her? That would make a great Mother’s Day. For those of us whose mothers may have passed away, those Mass Intentions work just as well, or perhaps even a visit to her grave to spend a few moments remembering her.

So this Mother’s Day, don’t just make a call if you are long distance, offer her a Holy Mass with intentions for her. If she is in your vicinity, respect her and visit the woman who loves you. Notice I said ‘loves,’ and not ‘loved’ in the past tense. She loves you. Go and make her day. Because in the end, it would make your day and all days from that, a stepping stone to love and celebrate mom not just for a day.

God bless you all this Mother’s Day and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there.